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Adding Scenery

Postby guest » Wed 03 Dec 2003 - 10:34

I am running a download version of sail sim. and S.S Scenery designer full version on my computer.
I dry to install new scenery's with the scenery manager and it work's with the scenery designer,
but the sail sim. can not detect the new scenery's, the GUID number seams OK .
Any one have some input ?


Postby Barry » Wed 03 Dec 2003 - 23:02

Not sure how the Download version works but I have the retail version and there is an update to 4240.

After Installing with Scenery Manager.Alt/Environment/Sceneries then scroll to the route. Also it puts these into Program Files/Common/Stentec Shared Folder, but they also seem to go into Documents/Stentec sometimes.

You can install a route direct from the Scenery Builder... Open Route - File then Register I think. You can also rename a route with a fresh reference number with Scenery Builder to work on and install with fresh reference number and keep the original intact.

When you have the route running game/save situation and give it a name puts route into the starting page of routes.

Perhaps Download version is different?

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Postby guest » Thu 04 Dec 2003 - 03:07

Cool it works now thanks a lot Barry

Andre :D

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