SS5 Scenery Designer. A few questions if known?

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SS5 Scenery Designer. A few questions if known?

Postby Barry » Tue 25 Mar 2008 - 14:41

Sailsimulator 5 Scenery Designer

A few questions if known?

1. Will there be tides?

2. If so how will the collision properties be applied due to the varying heights against quays, etc? up to 10 or 11 metres at Liverpool UK?

The current system uses collision spheres placed around objects using the Object editor.
Will there be a new Object Editor as the present one no longer worked properly for me for collision spheres, and setting the floating properties with it will probabaly no longer be required anyway?

3. Will a basic range of trees and vegetation be included as could only use single flat plane for trees in the motorboat simulator with 32 bit textures because of the known problem of invisible parts affecting the opaque part, as seen in some of my sceneries in motorboat simulator.

4. I assume the A.I. system for other moving boats in scenery still not known?
This is rather important for making older sceneries for older boats. One method mentioned previously was placing tracks in Scenery Designer?

5. I assume the current Scenery Designer is now completely obsolete with Vista as no longer loads as previously discussed?

6. Animation then with Blender, not possible as previously discussed? Would be necessary for lighthouse beams, and looks if my windmills for 1728 or so will have to stay static?

7. Texturing..I know this has been described for using actual satellite terrain etc, but will it be possible to texture seperate areas,for cliffs, rocks, sand, mud, sandhills, shingle, etc, as with most other simulaors. Texturing is what makes the terrain look realistic.

8. Will there be a point and click with the mouse function to find objects, as at present to find an object you have to scroll through a very long list of items to find anything. Once placed it makes it almost impossible to correct position or delete an item.


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Re: SS5 Scenery Designer. A few questions if known?

Postby Jeroen Schlaman » Wed 26 Mar 2008 - 10:15

Hello Barry,

I will answer your questions if possible:

1. Tides is certainly something for our wish-list, but I don't think it will be present with the first release.

2. There will be an updated Object Editor

3. Better trees/vegetation is also something for our wishlist, because this is something a scenery can give an awesome look. How this exactly will be implemented is yet to be determined.

4. You're right. The A.I. system has not been worked out yet.

5. Yes.

6. VRML does support animations and we can read those files. .OBJ files don't support animations (although Blender does have an option to export it including animations). The OBJ fileformat just doesn't support animationkeys which are crucial for playing animations within our engine.

7. Terrain-texturing is a thing we really want to give an update. Our goal is indeed that sceneries can be textured with several textures (rock, sand, etc.). We already have some ideas for this (also looked to other scenery designers/sandbox editors).

8. The new scenery designer will be much user-friendlier then the ss4.2 version. Also it's feature-pack will be extended with tools to easily change terrains and place objects.

I hope my answers are suitable for you right now.
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Postby Barry » Wed 26 Mar 2008 - 13:49

Thanks Jeroen that gives me a better understanding although sounds as if SS5 still a good few months away.
With Blender people have written various scripts, for the file types etc, as it it open source but I don't suppose animation is crucial, just would have made it more interesting.
Vrml2 won't export animation from Blender with the current script. Obj does but apparently not workable.

Regarding tides as an alternative would it be possible to alter the water height in SS5 rather than in the Scenery Designer then you could set your own fixed tide height.

high, middle, low, or whatever. "If "the Scenery Designer is integrated, and combined with SS5, it would be just as easy to set the height in the Scenery Designer I suppose.

Regarding vegetation and trees if these were included as a default feature perhaps then it would avoid user made trees, or at least not as many required and have to be made.

When others open a user made scenery the simulator would just read the tree/tree line positions and load them automatically from within SS5, as identical for each user of SS5.


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