Light and shadow

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Light and shadow

Postby calypso » Thu 10 Mar 2005 - 11:23

New to this program and enjoying it tremendously!

Just a couple of questions.

The overall look of the simulator is rather grey and dull. Where is the blue sky?

Is there anything I can adjust to brighten the sim up and introduce more light (sun?).

I'm a Meditteranean sailor in real life (Malta) but I feel I am always sailing in grey miserable weather when sailing the sim. :(

Some shadows (mast, crew, sails) would also greatly increase the realism factor.

One more question. Any plans to enable off-line racing within the sim by having more than one boat loaded in with the other boats sailing on autopilot?

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Postby Barry » Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 22:20

Altug I think has used brighter textures in his routes.
The motorboat sim is based on dx8 I think and the sailsim is based on dx7
The next version sailsim 5 hopefully will have a more updated feel to it.

I don't think multiple terrain textures are possible with this version of the sailsim at present. Textures can be changed for the sea I think, etc if you use the original file name and possibly the sky?

Have a look at Altug's routes but you have probably tried them already


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Postby ajnasreddin » Sat 02 Apr 2005 - 21:58

I have a copy of the sailsim 4.1 - and the sky works pretty good - even on my new system. But I don't know what happened with the newer version. When I sail at night the sky is actually white!

You might try adjusting your monitor - changing the contrast and brightness - then you might be able to coax a blue sky.

Shadows would be nice. I like the play of light, when for example you sail as the sun comes up, but what kills the sim is that their are no shadows. My main sail is just as bright and shiny even where the jib should cast a shadow.

I really like the way the sails luff, and the wake the boat makes - two very good points for sailsim. I'm keeping the hope that sailsim 5 is not too far away, and a whole lot better.

Tolkien's ideas might be used here. He said good fiction lets you keep you're suspension of disbelief untill the end of the story - ie lets you keep your belief in the story untill it ends; it doesn't do anything that makes you say "That just doesn't work!" I think a good sim lets you believe your in the environment while your there. So, I hope Stentec listens and tries. Sooner the better, no?
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