New Scenery: Dive Islands - Time to learn diving :)

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New Scenery: Dive Islands - Time to learn diving :)

Postby altug » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 12:28

Hi all! :D

Dive Islands scenery is ready to sail/cruise. There are also some new 3D objects as usual. I also placed some objects to 4 underwater locations. It is time to learn diving and discover the depths of the scenery. :wink: :D
The scenery has lots of 3D items and better frame rate compared to Marina Island. More enjoyable I think.
Scenery info+diving instructions :wink: with all downloadables at

All the best to virtual sailors.... and divers too;)

altug :D
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Postby Barry » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 14:10

Thanks Altug. I hade better take the deep sea-diving gear too :wink: , just in case. So off to download your route and look forward to trying it out.


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Postby Barry » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 20:13

Hi Altug downloaded the route and had little go on it using sailsim.
I like it.
Only sailed as far as the port as it looks as if I have quite a lot to exlore..and I have got to explore the seabed as well.

I got a nice surprise when I sailed to the tanker and fully expected to sail through it and instead the boat bounced off the collision spheres you put on.

Looks interesting and only wish Stentec would update their route editor as it would make it easier for us, as there is no way that I know of, to work on the terrain once the map is made with models, without losing all the models.

Did you have a go at making the tanker floating?

I got some of mine to float but some are impossible to get to float.
Something else for Stentec to fix as well as the collision sphere bug.

Anyway back to your route.
The modern cranes are a good idea on rails, and they all help to add to the "atmospere" and you have some nice textures on the buildings.

Should keep me occupied for a bit.



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Postby Exocet25fr » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 21:21

BUT WHERE IS THE DIVE SCENERY.....?, I don't find it on the Altug site.......? :cry: :? :roll:
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Postby Guest » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 21:26

HAAaa...!, I didn't see the refresh option Ctrl+F5 option....!
Sorry!, Now I can download and try it...! :D

Postby guest » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 23:07

Hi Barry! :D

Happy to hear that you liked it :D
About making floating buoys from objects as the tanker, I have 2 problem: When I press the buoy icon to convert it from (.3sd) to a floating buoy (.buo), it ends up with different stupid mixed colors. Some parts get different colors.
Plus the general problem you mentioned. It sinks and cant stay on the surface. So I gave it up. :(

About Scenery Designer: It is absolutely not practical. It takes hours and hours to have the things positioned properly. Maybe beter to start a wish list for Scenery Designer also. You cant select more than one item at a time. Anything you move loses its height and you restart again...etc. Waiting an improved version from Stentec...

Another news, finally I got the MBS 1.2 download version. Did not check all the sceneries on it but as far now I have no problem with water movements. It looks ok. After SS, I think the interface, scenery colors, water simulation and the frame rates are better in MBS. I liked it. I hope in the future we get:
Animated or user animatable boats and lights + gradually fading transparent water surface + a boat designing side software. :D Do you believe? :shock: :? When? :( :? :shock: I hope one day we enjoy these features too...

Salut Exocet!

Yes, always refresh by Ctrl+F5 when you visit again. IE's refresh button is not enough :D ..Hope you were already there at Dive Islands :D

My finishing Question:
How Can I get the Eagle Yacht Club Scenery which is in CD version of MBS 1.2 ?

All the best

altug :D


Postby Exocet25fr » Fri 04 Feb 2005 - 23:12

Hi Altug!

Why our messages are logged "Guest"?, it's curious! :roll:
CONGRATULATIONS for your Diver Islands!, very nice scenery and very impressive frame rate tooo! :D

Like you I wish to get the Eagle Island Scenery, but it seems impossible.......? :cry:

Salut! :D
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Postby Barry » Sat 05 Feb 2005 - 00:53

Hi Jean Marc.

If you forget to log in you end up as Guest, and can't edit your post
Forgotten myself a few times.

Altug Hello again.

The Scenery Designer is a real pain to use.
I think it was just what was created originally by Stentec ,for their own use.
I've just about given up using it and hoping sailsim 5 will see a new Scenery Designer as well.

I just keep to flat areas now, and thats why I put the "town" on a base. Once it gets hilly no longer realistic as impossible to adjust the terrain without going back to stage 1.Also as you say, as soon as you touch an object the height goes and you reset, etc, etc, etc :roll:

You may be able to get the tanker floating, as when I made the tutorial for Blender I made a huge hull and got it to float. Their is no logic in it and I think the word used for it was Archaic.

I don't know what to suggest about colours changing.
In Object Editor there are really only 2 properties you can alter to get it to float. Frame Properties. Mass in kg. Keep reducing this. 100,000 to 50,000, 10,00 then go down say as low as 1000. If you can get it to fly into the air you stand a chance as you can then start increasing in stages.
The centre of gravity z, make it say minus -10 wich will help reduce it bouncing out of water. i.e. The centre of gravity below the boat somewhere. You can always raise it up then if the boat is "sluggish"

If it keep on sinking when you get the mass down to zero....I have even tried the minus figures I usually give up in disgust. There is no logic to it as I got the sailing barges to flloat OK but could't get the small canal narrowboat to float.
Trouble is if you try and get it floating after putting on Collission spheres you may have to redo them. Not sure.

Will have another few goes on your route over the coming days as using my own routes tends to get boring.

We could have a really good simulator with different boats coMing and going, and calling in at different ports along the coast. Attractive 3D models, some animation, and a nice easy to use Scenery Designer, with which we could create any cosatline WITH 3D models easily, but..... :(

Been making boats, etc, for the trainz simulator, some the same as the ones I made for sailsim. have them all moving but on invisible track, or track idden by water, and the water is flat but with animated textures. Fed up with that one now also as little realism.
Can save a Blender file as dxf and import into gmax for trainz but still have to retexture.


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Postby Exocet25fr » Sun 06 Feb 2005 - 13:49

YEAaaa Barry!, I forgot about guest....!, now I understand!

Hey Altug!, I made my first diving...! :D , GLOU.....GLOU.....! :shock:
I think I drank a salt water.....! :? , BEURK.........! :cry: :roll: !

LOL.....! :wink:
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