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Postby Sonar » Tue 28 Dec 2004 - 19:04

Hi all
i`f downloaded de routes from barnys 3d site but where do i put the file in?
witch folder?

the game is looking verry good.

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Postby Exocet25fr » Tue 28 Dec 2004 - 19:41

Go to the Downloads in this site and get "Scenery Manager.exe"

My default path is:

c:\Program files\Common files\Stentec shared\Sceneries

but verify for you if you have these folders!

Happy New Year! :D
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Postby Barry » Tue 28 Dec 2004 - 20:35


You need the free Scenery manager as Jean Marc explained.
Also you need the full version of the simulator not just the demo.

Open Scenery manager - Scroll the box to find the folder you downloaded the route into. Also you need to have extracted it out of the zip file.
Stentec Scenery Package file. ssp.

Have copied the following from my site

The routes are installed with the Scenery Manager - Open Scenery Manager and install the route as a single file - the click install to default folder - To see the route in the simulator - open any route - Open Environment/Scenery or Sailing Area button or simlar then open. When route opened Save As or smiilar and give the route a name to enable it to be seen in the opening screen.

Just post on the forum if you have any more problems and one of us will try and help..



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