window opening problem, graphics bug??

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window opening problem, graphics bug??

Postby kch88 » Sun 26 Dec 2004 - 02:23

Hi, I'm running a 2.4 ghz hyperthread pentium 4, 640 mb ddr ram, 128 mb radeon 9800 pro, two monitors, and windows xp home edition. I recieved SS 4.2 for christmas, and I have since downloaded the patch, 4.2.4 I believe. This problem happened before the patch as well, but just letting you know I did try that, so you don't waste a reply on that. I have tried the game in windowed and full screen modes, at all different resolutions. Windowed doesn't actually seem to window by the way. When I start out, and then hit ALT to get my menu and select a boat or something, when that new window opens after choosing my option on the menu, SS doesn't minimize, and most times when I minimize it myself through ALT-ESC or something else, make my boat choice, and go back in, it sticks at a dark screen when I maximize again. I can't do hardly anything with this problem. Please help. Thank you.

Postby Barry » Sun 26 Dec 2004 - 16:04


I am runing an ATI radeon 9800 pro and seems to run OK.
So perhaps something to do with the way the card of computer is set up etc.

The only problem I have, like you, is when I go to alt. environment settings I can't get back to game unless control, alt plus del, to get task manager up then swith to program which returns it back. Thats at 800 x 600. Not sure if that works on higher screen settings., but I just restart game.

When I go to environment settings at 800 x 600 it remains on game and I click the screen with mouse that takes me to the panel to change. OK it then I get task manager up control/alt/del up to switch back to game.

Mototboat simulator seems to work OK though.
Probably SS5 will work OK but that seems a long way away at present.

I just updated the ati driver as couldn't get "Blender" 3D program, to work properly but the latest driver seems to have fixed that at least so can continue to make content for both sims.


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