When is new Scenery Designer Due? Sail own boats in SS5?

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When is new Scenery Designer Due? Sail own boats in SS5?

Postby Barry » Mon 20 Dec 2004 - 19:38

At present further route making and model making is on hold with me.
The simulators are still limited to sailing on-line, or learning navigation.
Will we see a true sailing simulator that can be used realistically without going on line? This needs to ahve the function to be able to sail one's own made boats.
I have made quite a few boats but all static or static floating and all sailing nowhere.

Also a new Scenery Designer has been mentioned to be able to create more realistic routes easier. Again have made a dozen or so routes available for download but I would be more interested in creating a realistic longer route of 100 miles or more and also developing the coastal buildings etc as I did with the Egypt Route, and the canal boat docks in tHe Ellesmere Port series of routes, etc.

Coastal buildings, docks, quays, etc need not be a drain on frame rates if care is taken in keeping down the polygon count. Most of the houses and buildings are made of cubes, etc, of diffrent shapes and cylinders, etc, for chimney pots or whatever.

Pity as we have a good basis for a realistic sailing simulator but it is severely limited with just being abe to sail one boat only at a time, in a scene off-line. This again limits the interest for many. If you could sail your own made boats and I am sure there would be a big increase in interest as with the Virtual Sailor simulator.

Perhaps we will start seeing some feedback from Stentec to the forum as very few post these days on the forum. Perhaps news from Stentec of what, or if more developments are gong on with SS5 and the new Scenery Designer that was mentioned ages ago, and what may be included, etc.

I know no specific dates can be given for it's release but with no feedback from Stentec has it even been started?


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Postby Jeroen » Wed 22 Dec 2004 - 13:15

Hi Barry,

It's been a while for me :oops:

We're currently focussing on completing our navigation software before we're starting with other developments on the scenery designer / sail simulator front.

But development should start somewhere next year (no exact date yet).
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Postby Barry » Wed 22 Dec 2004 - 13:29

Thanks Jeroen for the feedback and appreciated.

Hopefully "eventually", then we will see more developments for the sailsimulator with more usable functions for solo users, and especially the Scenery Designer Toolkit, to be able to make more realistic routes both for the sea contours and just as important the coastal terrain more easily.

Best Wishes for Christmas


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