Stentec help???

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Stentec help???

Postby Guest » Sat 27 Nov 2004 - 13:42

Hi there,

I've updated my machine to a:

AMD Athlon 2200+
Geforce 128Mb 8x AGP
512 MB
Asus A7V8X-X

and still the SS isn't running smoothly but yerky like an old movie!
The strange thing is I can run games like Unreal Tournament, Quake3 and other 'heavy' games without any problem!
And Stentec is NOT replying to any of my emails! That's what they call a 'helpdesk'!!!!?????
I've paid good money for this game, and it should work, but it doesn't!
I'm no Wizzkid, but I do know my machine and the problems that can occour...... I'm pretty sure that it's not my machine but the game itself that has a bug or something..... can anyone help me out???
I've tried all different kind of configurations in the game and in my machine...... nothing works, it's not running smoothly what so ever.

Sincerely Miquelangelo.

re: Jerky video

Postby Bill Cridland » Sat 03 Sep 2005 - 22:47

MIchaelangelo suggest you increase your ram to 512KB. A lot going on in Sail Simulator and it needs to replenish data hold it before displaying . Increased memory will hold the next scene ready for display. Nothing wrong with the program I am using a 3GB AMD 64 bit with 16X PCI + video. 512 KB RAM. Best of luck
Nothing in mind at the moment !
Bill Cridland
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Postby Barry » Sun 04 Sep 2005 - 00:37

I think the update patch is 4.2 which you can download from Stentec download page.
But you probably know about it.

quote "sail simulator · downloads
New SS4.2.4 demo version !

Download the new SS4.2.4 demo (April 3, 2003) with Soling and Ile d'Ouessant: sail simulator 4.2.4 demo
New SS 4.2.4 Update !" end quote

If you have Sail Simulator 4.2 (v. or later) on your computer, you can download and install the SS4.2.4.0 update (April 3, 2003) for free:

Also turn down the water and terrain settings which seem to be the most demanding, in mb sim anyway.

I can't alter settings much in the sailsim, as sim crashes or locks at times, so just use mb sim at present myself.

Be nice in Stentec would give us some feedback but all seems quiet with them at present?

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