Blue Ocean Voyaging

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Blue Ocean Voyaging

Postby ajnasreddin » Sun 24 Oct 2004 - 14:04

Has Stentec thought about doing a blue ocean voyaging simulation? It would seem to connect many different aspects of your software. I've been thinking about doing some long distance sailing, but I'd, of course, like to try it through a sim first to get a better idea of what might be involved. Some aspects I'd like to see on my PC first would be about water and power supplies, navigation difficulties, passage making times, etc. - and of course boat designs. Just a thought - any response?

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Postby EdFatHead » Thu 28 Oct 2004 - 04:59

For Sure, That is what i have been searching for, for as long as I can remember. Much like Flight simulator only in Yachts.
The navigation and course plotting is a large part of what intrigues me.

If there is anything out there let us know ;)

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