problems to visulizzare the sails

General question for Sail Simulator (raising sails, pulling sheets, etc.)

problems to visulizzare the sails

Postby Guest » Wed 22 Sep 2004 - 18:29

Salutes I have from a little purchased Sail Simulator 4, after having installed I have immediately tried him/it to sail and from the menu boat I have selected a boat the strange thing that the boat is visualized, but they totally miss the sails both the spanker and the bow the only available it is the spinnackol, while the masting is visualized. But don't the sails even explain him when him from them the command, can this thing problem depend? Could you/he/she depend on me since am I inexperienced of the game? Does some key exist for explaining all the sails? Or could you/he/she be a software problem? You excuse my inaccurate language since I am Italian and I don't know very the language English. Thanks immensely for any suggestion that you will give me. :?: :!: :idea:

Postby kevin8441 » Thu 23 Sep 2004 - 02:34

you need to put the sails up yourself.

- Mainsheet F1
- Main halyard F2
- Curve mainsail F3
- Toggle auto-mainsail F4
- Jib sheet port F5
- Jib sheet starboard F6
- Jib halyard F7
- Toggle auto-jib F8
- Next sheet/halyard ]
- Previous sheet/halyard [
Pull in sheet/halyard Arrow down
Let out sheet/halyard Arrow up
Release sheet Page up
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Postby Guest » Thu 23 Sep 2004 - 09:04

unfortunately these commands don't work, when I for example press them F2 it goes out me writing "to hoist randa:perso" the only one that works is
the command of the spinnaker F11. I don't know from thing can depend however happens only me when I go to change boat.

Postby Dogcatfish » Fri 24 Sep 2004 - 08:02

You need to press the F key that relates to the halyard you wasnt, eg F2 for main, and then use UP and DOWN to hoist and lower the sails. Sometimes pressing down makes them go up, and pressing up makes them go down... funny eh?
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Postby Ramon » Fri 24 Sep 2004 - 10:23

After selecting a sheet or halyard with the function keys, you can control this halyard by pressing the up and down arrow keys. So, pressing the down key makes you pull the sheet towards you, whilst pressing the up key makes you loosen the sheet. Therefore pressing the down key does not mean lowering the sail, but pulling the sheet, which makes the sail go up...

I hope this explains a bit.

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Postby Dogcatfish » Fri 24 Sep 2004 - 11:09

So how come you guys at Sentec answer these posts within a day, yet my questions on new boats have been ignored for 3 weeks? :evil:
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Postby Guest » Sat 25 Sep 2004 - 12:56

Thanks for your suggestions, I have resolved the problem it depended on me that
I didn't know well the commands. Thanks still.

Postby Guest » Sat 25 Sep 2004 - 13:02

Hi Dogcatfish how come you/they have not immediately answered you? Me as soon as I have written the message after a couple of hours you/they had already answered me, I am sorry it. Hi

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