Redefine Keyboard Controls?

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Redefine Keyboard Controls?

Postby Jetset » Mon 09 Aug 2004 - 14:10


I've been playing sail simulator, but I only have a keyboard available to control. I am using the Laser quite a bit as I usually sail small dingys.

I am finding the crew control very difficult because you have to use shift-arrow to control the crew balance, and the same time as using the arrow keys to control the rudder.

I tried putting the crew onto automatic but he doesn't react fast enough to keep the boat from capsizing.

Is there any way I can alter the key mapping to map crew left/right onto a different set of keys on the keyboard?

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Postby kevin8441 » Thu 23 Sep 2004 - 02:42

no there isnt any way to change the keyboard definition but maybe a new patch for 2004 would be most appreciated with that feature in so we can adjust for better speed :)
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