sailsimulator 5 sailsimulator 4.2???

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sailsimulator 5 sailsimulator 4.2???

Postby Tornado8447 » Sun 17 Jun 2007 - 13:41

I have played the demo version of ss4.2 and now i want to buy it, but will there come a new ss soon? (sailsim 5)?I know there are some topics about ss5 but my question is: IS ss5 another game or is it just another name for ss4.2? please help me:)

thank you :-)
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Re: sailsimulator 5 sailsimulator 4.2???

Postby Barry » Sun 17 Jun 2007 - 14:43

My reply deleted.

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Postby Tornado8447 » Tue 19 Jun 2007 - 19:19

is it normal, that the sailors in the demo version of 4.2 dont move to a side and just sit in the middle of the boat? that sucks because you can´t go upwind then. I think it´s a very bad demo version because you get the impression the game has ´nothing´ . One or 2 courses would be nice, too. I hope, that there will be a better demo for ss5.

PS: i just play the ss4 demo because i will wait for ss5 . Or u can make me a present and give me ss4 for free :D. Iwióuld be VERY happy
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