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Postby PF » Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 07:02

Has anybody succesfully completed a heave-to maneuveur in S.S.?
No matter what the helm or jib angle is, I just can't do it.
It seems that the boat can't hold the jibsheet aback, it gets always pushed on the opposite tack.
Trying to balance the jib and rudder invariably forces the bow downwind and easing the mainsheet completely does not help either.

Is this a limitation in the simulator?

Any suggestions are welcomed.


hove to

Postby mike » Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 14:32

Have you tried reefing both sails way down; then after putting the helm over take control of the jib sheet and crank it all the way in? I am at a Mac right now, so I can't try to duplicate it. It seems that I have done it before on one of the larger boats just to see what eould happen. I might have had to put the engine in gear and I was using a joystick for trimming the sails. I could be dreaming this as well...) I will try it again later today and post it I have success.

Good luck
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Postby PF » Fri 06 Feb 2004 - 06:56

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your reply.
I've tried what you suggested but the Jib gets always pushed off the opposite tack no matter how hard the jibsheet is pulled in; if you rotate the view upward all the way, perpendicular to the boat, you'll see exactly what happens.
I believe it has been a deliberate choice in the design of the software so to avoid stalled sails on any particular tack and so to have the bow of the boat always falling off the wind. (I guess...).

In any case, if I'm wrong apologies to the programmers.

I love the software anyway.


Postby Aal » Fri 06 Feb 2004 - 13:47

I looked to heave-to on the web since I didn't know what it was but now I know and I use it as part of a man over board maneuver. And it works ok. No very realistic but it is possible to keep the jib on 'the wrong' side.
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Postby PF » Sat 07 Feb 2004 - 06:16

Hi Alex,
How do you get to keep the jib on the "wrong side"? Is the boat maintaining the same heading or does it fall-off wind?
I'm assuming that in your simulation you're on a close reach (or thereabout).

I'm wandering if there is a way for the foresail and helm to work in opposition so that an equilibrium is maintained. In other words, the wind blowing on the foresail is pushing the bow leeward while the helm is acting to push the bow to windward.

What I've noticed is if the boat heading is on a "run", jibsheet pull all the way in, and the tiller completely lashed (leeward or windward does not make any difference), then the boat becomes almost stationary maintaining more or less the same course.
With a 15kn wind the boat speed is down to 0.5kn, which is not too bad (tried with a Valk and Americas Cup).

Sound a little like a cheat, (call it a heaving-to in reverse) but it works.

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