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Postby Guest » Wed 03 Dec 2003 - 22:41

I find your policy outrageous. I have never before seen anything alike. I have purchased my SS 4.1.2 last Sunday. I was aware that latest version is 4, but it never came to my mind proving which revision. I am use to having proper support for new programs and games. If it would have been question about update to SS5, I would have been understanding and willing to pay reasonable update fee. As I understood from your massage I am not the only one a bit bitter.

This version that I have purchased has anyway bugs that are in my opinion acceptable only for shareware programs. For example water runs trough hull to the stern in higher speeds.

Ps. I have worked in sales and marketing management long enough to have courage to wonder your TRU reasons for faulty support.

Postby Guest » Thu 26 Aug 2004 - 22:55

I too Have just spent £10 at PC World for 4.1.2 only to discover this evening (just installed) that I am already out of date.

Surely we can be allowed to upgrade to latest version ????

Yours disapointed

Postby Guest » Mon 22 Nov 2004 - 23:24

DITTO !! having never seen the game before, and being a keen dingy sailor I was quite excited to buy it.

To find that it is out of date is acceptable but to a registered user of original software surely the upgrade should be a free download.

As it is, the upgrade seems to cost more than the original game, how can this be!!!

I understand that version 5 could be a complete new game and therefore attract a new game price in much the same way as Flight sims.

In my eyes - to keep customers you need to keep them happy.

Not a happy customer!

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