Service Card 2018

Starting now the popular WinGPS Service Card 2018 is available for purchase in our online store. As last year, when purchasing the Service Card you are ensured of the newest version of WinGPS 5 and will profit from several exclusive offers.

WinGPS 5 Voyager 2016 Release History
Version (28-11-2016)
Support for default transparent color of the 2017 editions of our chartsets.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (09-11-2016)
Tide data for 2017 has been added. The data for the stations Terschelling Noordzee and Eemhaven is not yet available and will be added later. The stations Scheurhaven, Meetpost Noordwijk, Hartel-Kuwait, Dintelhaven and Beerkanaal do no longer exist and will not be updated.
Some specific AIS-messages were not handled correctly and could crash WinGPS. This has been fixed.
Downloading new shipping notifications could crash WinGPS. This has been fixed.
A couple of other small fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (19-07-2016)
A new filter has been added to the route overview that shows the route points of a route only.
The no longer working Mapquest osm chart layer has been replaced by the World Topographic Map by ESRI.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (13-06-2016)
Support for worldwide oceanic wave data from NOAA has been added.
The route overview windows has been overhauled with better support (including printing and exporting the overview) for routes along the route network.
If you canceled downloading GRIB data that contains multiple files WinGPS could crash. This has been fixed.
A problem with the TCP server mode of a network port, where the server could stop if a client closed the connection has been fixed.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (12-05-2016)
It is now possible to update DKW Manager from the news center in WinGPS.
WinGPS will now also show distances on the route network if they are not given in the route network.
The news center did not show updates for charts when the hardware key of the computer had changed. This has been fixed.
Chart waypoint databases were not read again after an update. This has been fixed.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (17-03-2016)
Distance marks can now be shown along the route network.
The internal database with polar diagrams has been updated. It now contains around 3000 diagrams.
WinGPS could crash while a network route was active and the shortest route to the network from the current position would be along the end of a network section. This has been fixed.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.
Version (19-02-2016)
When the route network is missing WinGPS will now ask to download it even when the news center is not enabled.
The navigate to function always uses the route network and navigates to a point on the route network closest to the chosen point. Also there is now always no more than 1 navigate to route, a previous navigate to route will be deleted.
WinGPS could crash when the 'Update charts' function was activated. This has been fixed.
After downloading the route network some options where not properly updated and planned routes were not updated with the new route network. This has been fixed.
Version (10-02-2016)
Release of the WinGPS 5 Voyager 2016 edition.
A 'navigate to' function has been added, that creates and starts a route from the current position to a given point.
NOAA tile layer of charts of the United States has been added.
Support for dutch water levels has been added to the shipping notifications.
Support for weather information of official dutch KNMI weather stations has been added..
The KNMI HARMONIE weather model has been added to the GRIB sources.
An option has been added to lower the calculated speed depending on the depth.
Heel and trim data from Navico GoFree devices are now added to logbooks.
The route network, pictures of the bridges and locks and the help files can now be directly updated from WinGPS. They are no longer a part of the setup.
Tide data for 2016 has been added.
German language texts have been updated.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.

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Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.