Service Card 2018

Starting now the popular WinGPS Service Card 2018 is available for purchase in our online store. As last year, when purchasing the Service Card you are ensured of the newest version of WinGPS 5 and will profit from several exclusive offers.

WinGPS 5 Navigator 2013 Release History
Version (20-06-2013)
Support to update chart waypoint databases and the waterway network has been added.
Hint windows for waypoint (when labels are off) and waterway network data have been added.
Information windows for waypoint and the waterway network have been added.
A number of smaller fixes and changes.
Version (01-05-2013)
Support for more waypoint types.
A couple of minor changes and improvements.
Version (11-02-2013)
Importing waypoints could crash WinGPS. This has been fixed.
Version (07-02-2013)
Release of the WinGPS 5 Navigator 2013 edition.
Colors and thickness of route lines, waterway network lines and tracks can now be changed.
The waterway network has been updated and expanded.
Support for chart waypoint databases has been improved.
The news center could (mostly) crash under Windows 8. This has been fixed.
A number of other fixes, changes and improvements.

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Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.