Large update for chartset UK1 2019

We released a large update for the DKW UK1 English and Scottish east coast 2019. In WinGPS 5 you can download the update via the news center and in WinGPS Marine you will find the update as soon as you start the app. Ofcourse, you will need a working internet connection.

In most cases the updates consist of the last changes based on the 'NtM', the 'Notices to Mariners' from the British Hydrografic Services. Important changes are, a.o. the gray contour lines around windmill farms. Also, the light sectors near Lerwick have been added.

A.o. the following charts were updated:

  • England - East coast: 105, 106, 108
  • Scotland - East coast: 210
  • Shetland Islands: 3272, 3282, 328, 3292, 3295
  • Yell Sound: 3298


Gray contour lines have been added aroud windmill farms.


Light sectors have been added near Lerwick.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine

The DKW charts are compatible with both WinGPS 5 for Windows and WinGPS Marine for Android (and soon for iOS). If you have both software packages it is possible to load these charts in both programs without having to buy extra licenses.