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Press Release

November 12, 2004

ANWB order for digital charts of Dutch inland waterways

Stentec Software has received an order from the ANWB (Dutch association for traffic, tourism and recreation) to produce two new digital chart sets of the Dutch inland waterways. Market introduction of the CD-ROM's "ANWB/VVV Digitale Waterkaarten Grote Rivieren" and "West-Nederland" is planned for the 1st of April 2005.

Full coverage Dutch inland waterways
The ANWB/VVV Digitale Waterkaarten are based on the paper charts of the ANWB/VVV. The CD-ROM "West-Nederland" contains the following charts:

  • E - Randmeren & Flevoland
  • F - Alkmaar/Den Helder
  • G - Amsterdam/Alkmaar
  • H - Hollandse Plassen
  • I - Vechtplassen
  • P/R - Vinkeveense en Loosdrechtse Plassen

    The CD-ROM "Grote Rivieren" contains these charts:

  • D - Gelderse IJssel
  • J - Grote Rivieren West
  • K - Grote Rivieren Midden
  • L - Grote Rivieren Oost
  • M - Limburgse Maas
  • N - Biesbosch In 2004 the CD-Rom "Noord-Nederland" (ANWB/VVV charts A t/m E) of the same series was already introduced, which means the Dutch inland waterways will be fully covered by the digital DKW2 charts in 2005. Additional information can be found at

    Suitable for PC and PocketPC
    The charts are immediately ready for use on PC or PocketPC. When a GPS is connected, the special WinGPS 4A GPS-program displays position and track on the digital charts. In the PC-program, users can also find useful information about marina facilities from the ANWB Wateralmanak 2.

    Stentec Software B.V. from The Netherlands is a developer and publisher of simulation- and GPS-navigation software, for both consumers and business partners. Well known consumer products are Sail Simulator, Motorboat Simulator, WinGPS (GPS navigation) and DKW digital charts. Stentec is also a distributor of a broad assortment of boating software, under the name 'Software for Sailors'.

    Note for the editor
    You can contact Hilbert Roukema for more information.

    phone: +31 515 443515
    fax: +31 515 442824