Help, cannot run it windowed

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Help, cannot run it windowed

Postby FlyAway » Thu 25 Dec 2003 - 14:21

Hi all (and marry x-mas).

Just got Sail sim ( and upgraded) installed but cannot run it in a window and therefore I am unable to access all sub-windows (like boats, environment etc), the system open the window in the background but the game screen come up and prevent seeing the window below.
Running a PIV, 512 mem, Radeon 9500 pro.
Any suggestion plz?


Postby Guest » Mon 26 Jan 2004 - 15:31

I have experienced the same problem.
What I did was:
I uninstalled all the SS files.
Re-installed the SS4.2.4.0, but NOT the update, and everything works fine, despite the fact that I have a ATI Radeon 9500 Pro (I initially installed the update because it would have resolved slow running with this graphics card).
Hope this helps.

Postby rancid » Wed 29 Sep 2004 - 23:31

try using direct x graphics driver in preferences and then use widowed
worked for me

Re: Help, cannot run it windowed

Postby Draco02 » Tue 24 Mar 2015 - 09:22

That's strange becuase im running a more then requierd machine, with the latest drivers and openGl installed. (1300Mhz, 256Mb, 128Mb Graphiccard, windows 98SE....... witch runs games like, quake3, unreal tournament etc without any problems)
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