A few questions?

General question for Sail Simulator (raising sails, pulling sheets, etc.)

A few questions?

Postby jinksty » Thu 07 Aug 2008 - 19:58

If I get the commercial version of Sail Simulator can I change the colors of the boats and the graphics on the sails? I want to put Sail Simulator running in my boat shop and I want to put our logo on the boat!

I see there's an option for a rudder peripheral ("Stentec Controller"). Are these available? How much do they cost?
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Re: A few questions?

Postby ED50 » Mon 11 Aug 2008 - 20:07

Hi Jinksty,
it is possible to edit the boats by a tool "Style Editor". You can change the colour of all relevant parts of the ship like hull, deck, rudder ...

In addition you can change the images of the sails and spinnaker with every image editor, e.g. MS Paint. The files are stored in the folder "programs\shared files\Stentec Shared\Boats\...". Best is to copy an existing style with Style Editor and modify the images then.

I am using the "Stentec Controller" and it works fine. I am not aware whether is still available.

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