Please Help!

General question for Sail Simulator (raising sails, pulling sheets, etc.)

Please Help!

Postby bobhog » Wed 11 May 2005 - 19:26

I have just installed Sail Simulator 4.2i, and everything worked well untill I installed the Sailing Cruiser 33, when everything went pear shaped.
I now have no sceanaries, and the only boat is the Sailing Cruiser 33 that I just installed. All the defaults are still in the c:\Program Files\Common Files\ Stentec Shared Directory, but they do not show on the Simulator.
Does this mean a reinstall every time I add something?
Bob Hoggarth.
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Postby Barry » Thu 12 May 2005 - 21:37


Can't really help as I have the CD Rom version.

If the routes are still in Common Files folder try opening a route.
Alt/Environment/Sailing Area/Scroll to Route then OK.
Then Save as and give it a name to get it to show in the opening screen.

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