Frame rate at 4.4fps - whats wrong

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Frame rate at 4.4fps - whats wrong

Postby gaffers » Sat 15 Mar 2008 - 21:51


I downloaded the demo and liked it so much I purchased the full version. It was running fine, excellent frame rate very smooth, etc, etc.

After uninstalling the demo I installed the new version and now my frame rate is 4.4!!!!!!

I have uninstlled my anti-virus, closed all running programs that I can....

Can someone tell me whats wrong...?!?!

Postby Jeroen Schlaman » Tue 18 Mar 2008 - 11:47


Did you already downloaded the latest update for SS4.2?
You can download it at ... update.exe.
This might help you to solve the problem.
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Postby this_sucks » Thu 27 Mar 2008 - 18:29

This is Gaffers, my registered account has for some reason become lost and I am showing as a guest....whats going on?!?!?

I installed the update which made no difference. If has been a week since I last had a reply from anyone from Stentec and I am starting to get annoyed with the level of service and the quality of the product.

Postby ED50 » Wed 02 Apr 2008 - 22:34

Hi Gaffers,
I guess something important is deinstalled during deinstalling of the demo version.
I porpose to deinstall the fullversion and install the full version plus update again. It should be working then.

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