A Frustrating Real World Sailing Simulator?

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A Frustrating Real World Sailing Simulator?

Postby Barry » Tue 04 Jan 2005 - 23:19

A world of sailing ships, square rig sailing ships and smaller sailing vessels, visiting and trading around the coastlines of the UK (or world). In an age before steamers and before the motor car was in general use.

Well we almost have it with the Stentec Sailing simulator with the various sailing ships bobbing up and down on the waves. Ports can be visted with the various warehouses, small cranes to lift the goods from the boats. Intricate docks and dock layouts.

Along the coast we have a variety of coastal buildings, houses and small inns with a noggin of rum to refresh the sailors. Lights and beacons to guide the sailors on a stormy dark night. (The light function can be enabled by changing 0 to 1), See relevant thread.

The basics are in place and I have added the various buildings, warehouses, static and floating boats, and coastal building developments in my various routes.

But....hopefully perhaps when SS5 appears we may see the functions to get ones own made 3D model boats moving, perhaps some animation functions could be made available. An easy route editor to make routes a 100 or more miles long with a variety of ports to visit. An easy way to click and place models AND work on the terrain without having to go back to the dem to alter things which removes the 3D model content and you would need to start over again. Perhaps fixed (repaired) collision spheres that will work without fixing them in wordpad as is needed now, and the function that is now usable in m/b sim to make trees, people, bridges, backdrops, etc using the alpha texture, by using any picture on a flat sheet which has little effect on frame rates. Works OK in m/b sim but models in sailsim appear as pictures on a black sheet or interleaved sheets (planes). Not forgetting an easy function to get boats to float. Sometimes it is impossible to get them to float using the Object Editor settings, and that is why some of mine are static (not floating) in my routes.

These ar just my interests of course so we will see what develops in the world of the Stentec Sailing simulator in 2005.


Motorboat sim doesn't seem to work too well for me as water doesn't always move except for the animated flat texture on it, so will stick to the sailsim in future I think.
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Postby altug » Tue 08 Feb 2005 - 11:40

Hi Barry!

Did you try to play and change different wave settings at user defined?
It looks ok at my screen.

altug :D
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Postby Barry » Tue 08 Feb 2005 - 14:39

Hi Altug.

Have played around with different settings.
Sometimes the waves works sometimes static.
Actually I took it off the computer as became bored with it.
No longer enough realism at present in either simulation at present for me.

With the waves two functions appear to make the waves. You have the animated surface texture. This is the how the water works in the train simulator I mentioned, for which I have made models for. Also in the Stentec sims we have the vertical movements, etc for the waves as well as the animated texture on the water itself.

I will give the sail and motorboat simulations a miss for a while and maybe more realism may appear in the future.



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