End of Year Update - Tutorials Available on my site.

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End of Year Update - Tutorials Available on my site.

Postby Barry » Fri 24 Dec 2004 - 18:24

End of Year Update - Tutorials Available on my site.

Just a small update as to what is happening.
Been doing very little with sail and m/b sim for a few months as waiting
for more functions and a new route editor to appear but maybe SS5 will bring these. However this may be not until sometime next year or later perhaps.

In case I forget how to make things I thought I had better start dabbling with Blender and the sailsim again.
I have put the tutorials back on my site for making a simple route, and for making boats and 3D objects with the free Blender. Blender is only a few megs and can be downloaded. It is open source I think and is continually being updated. Also you do not need a seperate script file NOW, so you can export directly as vrml2, then convert these with the Stentec Obect Editor to either buoy file to try and get floating, or S3D file for static items.

All the models except the default items in my routes I made with BLENDER.

If you havn't tried route making before, or 3D content creation before, and arre intersted but don't know where to start have a look at my site.

If you are interested first have looked at my tutorials, and if you don't quite know where to start I will be pleased to help if I can, or if you have started and don't know how to continue, again just post on the forum in sailsimulor section and I will see your post.

The best plan is perhaps to post on the sailsimulator forum initially with details, as the Content Creation/Route Editor forum appears to be little used. Again if I don't know the answer I am sure some of the other forum members will be pleased to help if they can, also it will help to create interest on the forum.

To create routes and to install 3D content you need the FULL version of the Scenery Designer Toolkit.
My routes, are currently available for Download from Texino's site, together with the 3D content I made included.
These need the Scenery Manager to install, which is a free download from Stentec's site
You do not need the Scenery Designer Toolkit to install my routes just the full simulator and not the demo. These should install OK into the sail and m/b sim.

Perhaps we can get the forum more active in the New Year as I still consider the simulators the best for realism, and feel that "eventually" more functions will appear to make them more interesting for the solo use like myself as I don't race online. Cruising online may be OK but I only have a dial up connection.

Incidentally it is easy to get objects to light up at night so if I make more routes, I will try and include lit buoys and lit lighthouse top. and lit windows/portholes in boats, houses windows lit maybe also, etc.

Best I can do and interesting feedback welcome.

Have a nice Christmas All.


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