F18 sails like REAL...

F18 sails like REAL...

Postby Walter Groot » Sun 17 Jan 2016 - 17:46

F18, downwind with F18 maybe the most spectaculair course with catsailing.
All the techniques that belongs too this course are decent but very real equiped with!
Be stubborn and have a U-bote with a sail!
Hopefully the Stentec developpers creating an F20(without foils), the extra waterline-length makes sailing FASTER/
comfortable special with waves.
Wont forget the Foiling-bizz.; Please develop an F18 with foils and a F20 without...
JUS too let 20`Displacement go real faster and sail better with waves.
Maybe the two F18´s and a F20, with another foiling F20 and offcourseTHE Hobie16~spi.
When you have the two F20 added with, then you have the most common catamaran fitted in... :) :D :) :D :) :) :D :)
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