an idea to find the maximum speed of the open 70

an idea to find the maximum speed of the open 70

Postby ITA-948 » Sun 22 Nov 2015 - 22:30

go to Setting ....Performance. It opens a page where you will see Low Detail Medium Higt. Below yo speedu will see 5 sliders. ATTENTION now take pen and paper and mark the position of the 5 sliders! And from now on it will mark all that you do to see speed increases. Enter a race and choise a path upwind between two buoys, it will be the basis for our test. Now you browse trhough without changing the sliders and mark the speed. Now move all the sliders to the left and marked the speed.
Repeat with all the 5 sliders in the middle and then all right.At this point you will get 4 speed comparison. Identified regulation that more speed,it is time to move a slider to turn right or left of the notch in the notch always marking the speed obtained. If there were no improvements refit the cursor to where you started and go to the next.

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